Fractal MUD

This is an interactive exploration of a 3-D deterministic fractal. It is represented as a pixel volume. Here is a volume rendering of it:

In FractalMUD we see a 2-D cross section of the 3-D pixel volume at a time.

This is a true fractal, therefore, we can zoom infinitely into it. We can also roam in the X-Y, Y-Z, and X-Z planes. Each time you zoom in, you triple the number of steps you can take in any direction.

If you venture where no one has gone before, you will be creating a new "chamber" in the MUD and you will have to wait a minute or two for the image to be computed.

Warning: the Oracle is uncensored.

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See Stewart Dickson's 3-D Fractal sculpture for 3-D volume renderings of this pixel volume and direct 3-D sculpture of Quaternion Julia sets.
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